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on, you can't all be dead. Mauritius Immigration Information, Work Permit in Mauritius - Allo' Expat Mauritius
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Immigration - Work Permit in Mauritius

Work permits are necessary for non-Mauritians to be employed; there is no maximum stay as such, but work permits are issued for a minimum period of six months and a maximum of three years. A work permit is necessary for all non-Mauritians seeking employment, and these are granted by the Prime Minister’s Office, in association with the Ministry of Human Resource Development, and on the recommendation of the Mauritius Financial Services Commission.

The potential employer has to submit the work permit application. However, if a foreigner gets married to a citizen of the country of Mauritius he or she would be excused from the necessities of a work permit. Any person who applies for the work permit of Mauritius should at the same time apply for the residence permit. The application for renewal of work permit should be submitted three months before the expiry of the present work permit. The Ministry would in any case not consider application for work permit from a foreigner who is already in Mauritius with a tourist visa. There is a restriction regarding the age of the emigrant; the applicant should belong in the age group of 20 to 60 years.

The documents that should be attached and rules while applying for the Mauritius work permit are:

• four passport size photographs;

• job profile;

• specialised copy of academic and professional qualifications and details of work experience;

• official letter from employer;

• copy of relevant parts of passport showing name, date of birth, place and date of issue of passport, photo, passport number and movement;

• a certified copy of the certificate of incorporation of the company;

• a provisional health clearance delivered by the Occupational Health Unit of the Ministry of Health & Quality of Life.

The documents that should be submitted when any individual applies for the renewal of the work permit in Mauritius are:

• evidence in the form of documents from the employer endorsing the fact that the émigré will earn a monthly salary of 20,000 rupees;

• two passport size photographs.

If the individuals do not collect their respective work permit from the office itself then the permit would be send by registered post. If the original work permit is lost by any employer then he/she should be entitled to receive a duplicate work permit against a sum of 500 rupees. Along with the application for a duplicate work permit a statement from the police should be attached.

Foreign employers are granted work permits in Mauritius under normal conditions for a period of four years. If the employer in Mauritius gets a new passport he/she is not entitled to get a fresh work permit. The required alteration is done in the form of a letter.

In some particular conditions the work permit of any employer can get cancelled. If the emigrant does not arrive at the country or when there is any breach of contract the work permit is nullified by the respective authority. If the émigré has left before the ending date of the permit or in case where health authorisation or residence permit is not approved to the employer then also the work permit gets cancelled.

It was announced in the government's 2008 budget that investors whose businesses in Mauritius have an annual turnover of 15 million rupees for three consecutive years will be able to apply for Permanent Residence.





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